Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth, photographic work titles ‘Unconscious Spaces’ (1977-2012), it is apparent at first viewing the bond between the photography and architecture present.

In the collection of black and white photographs, capturing by travelling around to different places like New York, Tokyo and Naples the images are representing an energy from unveiling these unexpected places around the cities.
After experiencing New York City the intentions and nature of Struth’s photographs became more precise. he began to take interest in the Beaugrenelle Project in Paris. Once in Paris the development of his work became to mix with urban commercial and residential use with distinctively the high-rise towers built around 1970’s. his first set off work was based on contemporary urban planning and structures capturing the early modernism in Paris.

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Eugene Atget

Eugene Atget is a photographer who liked to document street photography back in the late 1800’s. He wanted to document the radical transformation of the streets of Paris before public opposition agreed to the destruction of the historical architectural streets, to disappear with the growth of modernization.

Atget wanted to photograph various courtyards in the historic centre, with its beautiful buildings, bridges, palaces, shops with detailed window display, narrow lanes and passageways intertwining through Paris all of which were to be transformed or even demolished to make room for the bigger, modern, fancier buildings.


A photograph or collection of photographs could always be shared, if no meaning to you, may mean something to someone else. Atget’s work was never explained or achieved recognition when he was alive, only after he passed people became aware of his intentions but his work deserves to have that respect.