Leeds Phootshoot (28/10/15)

My next shoot I headed down to Leeds on 28/10/15 to look at and photograph there range of buildings from historical to modern structures and skyscrapers. I will be using a Nikon D700 and occasionally a tilt shift lens. DSC_4942For this photograph I decided to crop the image and made it to look like a panoramic image as 2/3 was skyline and with all the skyline felt like i was losing the content.




DSC_5004Leeds Town Hall. With this photograph I wanted to use a tilt shift lens on a Nikon D700 to stretch the image back out so the structure isn’t angling towards the middle. Feel its gives more of a grand stable structure to the city.


My next step I will take is to look at Halifax as, at this current moment it is undergoing a major reconstruction project at The Piece Hall an old cloth exchange built in 1779.
I want to start looking into project which has changed or are changing to better the town or city to provide more homes, businesses, offices and retail and leisure.


One thought on “Leeds Phootshoot (28/10/15)

  1. These are more artistic to the viewer. Cropping into pictures can highlight the difference in architecture and the subject matter more interesting for the viewer.


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