The Piece Hall, Halifax

The Piece Hall, Halifax is a unique Grade I listed building dated back to 1779. The Hall was built by the merchants and manufactures of Halifax as a sales centre and market for local handloom weavers to support the importance of the trading of cloth. Each piece of cloth was produced in the length of 300 yards and sold every Saturday morning for two hours.


The Transformation Project.

The Piece Hall closed on January 16th 2014 to begin the new redevelopment work which will repair any decay which has been allowed to deteriorate physically over time and to conserve the building, to keep its Grade I listing.
For the Transformation Project it’s expected to cost £19 million and be available for public view, spring 2016.
There will be high quality destination with new facilities, shops, restaurants, events and house the Heritage Interpretation and learning centre.
They want to create a place where people can sit, eat or just to enjoy the surrounding and atmosphere, providing a place of historic importance and tranquility.



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