Brian Griffin

Screenshot (22)

From researching The Piece Hall in Halifax, my aim is to get access onto the construction site where I can take a good look at the structure and witness the changes taking place. For my final major project (FMP). The work of Brian Griffin and the project based on St Pancras HS1, site of Stratford International station and High Speed One railway.


On his project he created about 165 portrait photographs of the workers and management team of the construction with the workers looking heroic and powerful (Picture above) and the images of Corporate Communications Team (below) feels like the two show a different meaning and presence even though they are part of the same team.


With my own work on Urban Regeneration, the influnce Griffin is having to myself is to capture the work force of The Piece Hall in a way not everyday normal people witness. Yes people see them everyday but do they see what they are doing. Do they see these are the people who are transforming this beautiful building to fit in with the present times changing the place to have unique shops, bars, restaurants. These are the ones with the power to transform and create urban regeneration not the management team behind the scenes.

This is what I want to focus on.




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