John Davies Photographer

From the early 1980’s John Davies started documenting aspects of the industrial and urban landscape of Northern England and South Wales.
The beginning of the 21st century, post-industrial cities has started to reinvent their role and image of knowledge and learning, cultural and entertainment along with shopping redevelopments and creatives.

Many developers saw opportunities in transforming buildings which are already there, like run down offices blocks- transformed into apartments, retail and bars.


These two images I’ve chosen as you can see and witness the redevelopment process going on. It also links back to Len Grant as you can see the hoarding he created for the city centre.


As well as Davies work looking at the development process, i have also looked into one of his books ‘The British Landscape’ where theres a collection of photographs ranging from cityscapes e.g. Birmingham to countryside e.g. Lake Distric.
John Davies has been a big influence on my research and accompaning text for my final year Dissertation where i deadicated a chapter on him and his photographic practice, exploring the way people can view his work as there seems to be a story behind each image but have to take the time in looking for what Davies is trying to show his audience.





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