Manchester photoshoot (01/12/15)

This Manchester shoot was shot on the 1st December the same as the visit to manchester’s bomb site. for this shoot my intention was to explore the city and look at the scales of the buildings, where they are positioned and detail from old to new. DSC_1705e

I looked into this as it shows the composition building in the city works together. You have the small house-like buildings probably used as offices for a small company which their next door neighbour is a 9 story high structure.


Manchester have decided to keep historical content of the city by reusing these building, but unfortunately not all can be reused. But the ones which have been and are situated next to a new modern glass structure works very well in my opinion. For instance the image below, i think works extremely well together to portray Manchester, it had design, had great enginerring, it had history, and when i look at this image i can see more of power and wealth. over the years Manchester has been brought back to life from the days of the bomb, the place has the power to rebuild and recreate.DSC_1752e

For this shoot i could of first of all picked a better day to shoot. I used a Nikon D700 and looking back had i known i would of used the tilt shift lens available.



One thought on “Manchester photoshoot (01/12/15)

  1. When you capture both the old and the new and you are happy with the composition, you could try experimenting with colour tones, black and white or even sepia to try and highlight the the difference in the structures


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