Graduate Catalogue discussion

Today we had Chris come to visit from Textbook Studios.Screenshot_2016-03-01-15-21-51.png

Textbook Studios are the company which helped design and print last years final year students exhibition catalogue.
He informed us on what they produced last year and the costings which they printed 300 copies, which costs £3,300 with a £450 discount.

DSC_1577 (1).JPG

The image above is last years catalogue. They came up with the idea not to feature any work on the cover as it would likely cause arguements and they wanted to avoid that and make a piece of work as a team they can be proud of. They went with 300 copies as Chris informed anything less would be difficult to print on matte at the price they are getting.

As well as Chris being in talking about the process the students made, we also had the opportunity to look at other styles of books on different types of paper and print from other companies.
G.F Smith produces good quality books as a custom made- one of books.

Also the Newspaper club is a way to get work out into the world quickly and cheaply.
DSC_1570This I don’t think is a good option to use as a final exhibition catalogue.

One of the examples shown to us which I liked the look of personally was a small paper (card) from the as the quality of the images inside looked good and presentable as well as efficient, cant slip into peoples bag without weighing it down.

It was a good experience to view other books which have a unique design if you wanted your own book to stand out from the rest, from stitch binded to an accordian style. I think these styles are good for your own personal use to show creativity of a project through how you can present but as a group exhibition catalogue with 40+ students its likely to not all agree on a style so its good to keep things simple but professional.


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