Email exchange with Piece Hall

As you are aware I’ve been trying to get access into the Piece Hall in Halifax to do a mixture of work from portraiture to structural content.

My final major project started off slowly and was not really heading in any direction. From discussing the Piece Hall in my dissertation and focusing on how their visualisations are hardly likely to be the outcomes and being influenced from Brian Griffin’s portraitures of the workers. I wanted to photograph this Grade I listed building as well as looking at the people creating this new structure with what’s already there.
Getting access has been difficult, as I had no contact addresses to start with I filled out the contact form available on the Piece Hall website stating briefly what I was intrested in doing and that I’d like an email address to contact directly with a letter already pre writen with the relevant information. My email I recieved stated ‘I’m afraid getting access to the construction site at this time is going to be too disruptive for you to take photographs’.  I felt I wasn’t given the opportunity to discuss my project and I wanted to be given that chance so I sent an email back with the letter letting them know who I was, that I was using part of my dissertation on their redevelopment, how I wanted to celebrate this change to the town and what I needed to photograph to complete my project.

We had exchanged several emails with recieving knockbacks, but I was persistance and didnt want to give up so easily. Unfortunately eventually I recieved no reply and had to come up with another way to move my project on.

Can see how the emails have been exchanged below.


One thought on “Email exchange with Piece Hall

  1. I feel so sorry for you as I feel that they really are missing a fantastic opportunity
    a) to highlight the development
    b) show the benefits/use of regeneration schemes
    c) to be instrimental in the development of a photographic artist.
    Good luck with future assignments.


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