Manchester research & photoshoot (15/02/16)

While looking for research for sites of construction in Manchester what are about to be or are currently under development, I came across this online newspaper article where it has an interactive map where can view places around Manchester which are being built or redeveloped to then showing places which are planning to undergo changes by 2020. It was great to see how quickly a city can be transformed in 4 years.–10421927


My sketchbook showing different examples of places under or due for construction above, which can all be found on the website.

Other websites I’ve looked at are…


Manchester Photoshoot on the 15/02/2016

On the 15th February I went to visit Manchester once again but this time, my approach was different from the past visits. I wasn’t just looking at a building I wanted to view a construction site but without showing the whole area as one image as its nothing new people see it every day. I wanted to be able to get the audience viewing the work to start questioning what they were seeing.

Contact Sheet:

Take this image, for instance, I like this one of the close-ups of the metal fencing as it’s part of construction but the construction is hidden. Questioning what’s happening behind, what we can not see.


Other images I like are below. These are images, at first, were of whole construction but while looking through with my tutor, it came to my attention cropping into images can say more than what a whole picture of the subject can be.

DSC_1528 edit


DSC_1524 (1)

What I have experimented in doing, which has been influenced by Seba Kurtis professional practice talk and how he exhibited was overlaying his work to create a way to show a mixture of things in one viewing. All the images used are all to do with redevelopment and construction and I wanted to carry on in the way you question what’s going on. What’s this got to do with that image? Why has the photographer photographed that and placed in this image? What’s this trying to show?

My examples of rougly putting together work…



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