Professional Practice- Anna Taylor, LOOK Photo Festival

One of the first professional practice talks of the week was by Anna Taylor who works for LOOK Photography Festival and how to apply for funding from different resources.


So first of all, there’s three ways to try to ask for donations to help support a group of people wanting to get out into the industry or just to support yourself in a project. So ways to ask for donations are…

Public– Arts council England, Local authority and Lottery funding.

Private– Corporate sponsorship, advertising, trusts, and foundations.

Individuals-Crowd funding, donations, major donors.

The main organisation to support the Arts is the Arts Council England (ACE). The ACE are guardians of public money allocated by Department of Culture Media and Sport and Lottery to the arts. They exist to make ‘great art accessible to everyone in England’.

ACE Grants for the Arts (GFA) funded by lottery and in 2015-18 the budget is £210 million- £70 million per year. GFA applications are an open funding programme to support new talent and ideas. They can offer grants between £1,000 to £100,000.

ACE receive 6,200 applications per year. Only 39% are successful.

Anna Taylor went through plenty of information for us students on what to do when wanting to apply for funding…

Writing a funding bid.
*Understand your idea and be able to communicate it clearly to anyone who asks
*Talk your idea through with a range of people
*Download guidance from the funder’s website
*Check your eligibility
*Talk to advisors
*Decide whether it is the right fit for your idea
*Build funding contingencies into your project

The Budget.
Before approaching any person(s) or organisations you must know your budget! Need to think through every element of your project

*Artistic spending- fees and wages, production, costs, travel etc.
*Making it accessible to the widest range of people- Braille formats, etc.
*Developing the organisation and people
*Marketing and developing audiences- websites, design and print, research, press, photography etc.
*Overheads- phone bills, postage, insurance

As well as knowing the full amount needed, the funder wants to know a summary of the ideas, any past projects, exhibitions, this helps builds trust with experience being brought into the project. They may also ask for a calculation of public audience viewing the work and how are you going to manage the project and the money they are investing in yourselves.

Always double check everything, first impressions are everything.



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