Professional Practice- Jo Slack, Redeye

The second talk of the day, after Anna Taylor from LOOK Photo Festival was a talk by Jo Slack from Redeye Photography network in Manchester, UK.

Redeye is all about networking, support and information for photographers or anyone interested in photography. It is a non-for-profit community benefit society across the UK and globally to support photographers at every level to build a network across photography.

Redeye have plenty of events and social interactions where anyone interested can get involved from exhibitions of work to meetings with other photographers to discuss projects and ideas. One way of showing work and meeting others is through the Redeye Lightbox course at CFCCA in Manchester. Lightbox is funded partly through NPO and partly through Creative skillset. It’s a national campaign which is a year long collaboration period with branding and print. Entries are called appon a judging panel who will review your work to see if participants will move forward. It is in its 3rd year and after recieving a record number of applications, this year 25 participants will show at a major photography festival, autumn 2016. To see this years part taking photographs can find them on…

As well as Lightbox, Jo also discussed the stages of a project management.

*Goals- who are the stakeholders?
*Deliverables- what does the project need to deliver to meet the goals?
*Schedule- a list of tasks for each deliverable with assigned roles
*Supporting plans-comms plan, risk management etc.

Creating a project schedule

*Work backwards- what is your end goal? How much time do you have?
*What are your deliverables?
*What research is needed?
*What tasks are there to complete?
*How will you evaluate your success?
*Don’t forget budget, time, scope-quality

To finish off Jo Slack gave us some Tops tips to take into account for the future…

*Common sense but requires good organisation
*Defined roles are key to good communication
*Things go wrong- good protection management allows you to deal with these things in the most productive way.
*Be aware of the schedule of your funders
*Utilise free online tools
*Don’t forget your goal



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