Digitalab-Professional Photo Lab

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After talking about the upcoming exhibition and final hand-ins I’ve decided to research different companies where they can print exhibition piece, looking at prices and different paper types.

After exploring on their website I could not find a way to order samples of my own work on the different paper types. So what I did was I got in contact with them over their facebook page and inquired about it. I was told to use a site connected with digitalab called ‘WeTransfer’ to order prints smaller than 10″x 8″ and receive a 50% discount.

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I sent off my images with the relevant information they needed and they would be in contact to confirm the transfer. It took a while to get a response. I emailed again asking how much the prints come too and how i go about paying for them. no reply. Emailed once more after receiving an email saying they hadn’t transferred my images and would be deleted in a couple more days.

I hear back eventually with information I had asked for and I got quoted £129.77, I was surprised as I asked for 7″ x 5″ so I doubled checked it was right and was informed they don’t do sizes smaller than 12″ x 6″ after initially being told they did.

I liked this site at first with how quickly I received their samples they give out of paper types. but after having trouble getting in contact and having to go through another webpage it was too much hassle and time comsuming. I’ve decided to look elsewhere.


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