Metro Print

Screenshot (52).png

As a photography group, we had already looked into Metro Print based in London as it has been used by previous students in other years. They have a wide range of paper types as well as being able to frame and mount the  photography work at extra costs. Metro Print seem to be popular as their turn around time is quick and efficient.

After my issues with Digitalab i decided to get 5 7″x 5″ of my images printed on different paper types. i sent off work using the standard service…
1x Velvet Print
1x Metalilic
1x C-type Matt
1x Giclee Photorag
1x Giclee Fine Art Baryta.
The uploading of the images was easy and simple to pick out the sizes and type of paper, also adding in section for any extras you need (mounting & framing).

Screenshot (53).png

Since sending my images i recieved quick response from them as 1 of my images had been corupted and recieved email asking for an alternative image to finish off printing ASAP.

After recieveing my prints in the posts it was great to have physical prints of my own on different papers to review each one carefully and come up with a correct type to print larger scale.
The Metalilic print worked exceptionally well due to the colour tones being similar to metal- silver, white, greys. The problem with this paper type it would only look good on certain images from my project, but other than that i love the metalilic look.Bridge.jpg

The Giclee Photorag paper i find works really well, it is a great sturdy thickness, not shiny as i dont want my prints to be relective and the colour comes up well, it hasnt faded with the paper type. This product is highly recommended.


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