Experimental Exhibition Layouts

I’m at that stage in the year now where I have to think about how my photography work will be exhibited in the final show. What I have thought of doing is to have a size A0 which features 4 of my images. Doing it this way I feel more of my work can be seen and able to be understood better.

Few of my designs are below.behind the wall 2

After showing my designs to my tutor he advised me to carefully look at the placement of the images such as the set above, the bottom left there’s far too much blue and stands out from the rest.

This set below is a series of pictures based on the hoarding and barriers I’ve come across in the cities. I think this piece works well the only issue which got pointed out to me was the face the top left scaffolding images was taken looking up towards it where the rest of them are face on. So that image needs to be replaced.Behind the wall.

I’ve placed these two sets of images above together to show how different cities can be in different transformation stages. Manchester (Left set of 4 images) is at the stage where it’s heading to be the next London, filled with new modern buildings and skyscrapers, the place is full of construction work. Liverpool (Right set of images) to me is showing the finish, clean-cut architectural structures.
I feel these two sets of images shows the amount of wealth and resources the United Kingdom has to show to the rest of the country and the world.


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