Manchester (13/04/16) Final Photoshoot.

I decided in the last few weeks before submissions and sending off images to be printed, that I wanted to go back to Manchester to the centre where I photographed the hoarding with the construction appearing slightly at the top of the image. I just wanted to go back and reshoot see if I can improve on the image.

Contact Sheets below.

Going back to reshoot months after the first image, the place has changed and the construction site has developed. The hoarding I was looking for had been replaced by metal fencing and the developers have obviously built up around the tall concrete towers.It was good to go back to see how the construction has changed so quickly, just goes to show the equipment available to us to create these building quickly to better the community and economy

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One thought on “Manchester (13/04/16) Final Photoshoot.

  1. It’s an excellent idea to go back and review places from where you started your journey. To see construction develope in pictures tells the story, would of been good to see what was there before the demolition, during demolition and the process of construction to final building.
    (I know you didn’t have time, just an idea to develope in the future)


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