This project started off as a study of urban regeneration looking at the development with business growth, transport infrastructure and the needs to fulfil population growth and needs.

I’ve taken the time to research and look at the transformation in towns and cities we’re surrounded by to view how places have been created to offer the communities the benefit of modern architectural thinking with the historical building. While creating plenty of work, the work wasn’t going in a direction I wanted. I’ve had to carry on taking photographs to see whether viewing the images by myself and others, would identify the meaning and purpose behind the created images. As well as taking photographs I’d began researching into the Manchester, especially after the 1996 IRA bombing and how it changed the way people viewed the city, the ways to redevelop and improve their homes, businesses and resources available to bring back confidence for the local population and to increase tourism to the area after the destruction. Another example I took interest in was the Piece Hall situated in Halifax. Present day, the old Victorian cloth exchange and market place is having the structure improved and made to fit shops and restaurants to improve the business opportunities increase revenues and strengthen tourism trade.

Basing a huge amount of research of these regeneration circumstances on my final major project as well as using them as case studies for my dissertation I’ve found it interesting to learn about events causing us to change and places willing to change to fit into today’s society. Having a project like the Piece Hall undergoing changes from the old to the new I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to highlight how planners develop strategies for regeneration I tried several times to organise photography shoots but down to time frames available and health & safety to achieve access became impossible. This caused a setback in my project as I was basing the Piece Hall to be my final outcome as a series of photographs for the end of year exhibition.

Keeping my work connected to urban regeneration I wanted to source construction sites in different locations in the north. looking at how we see developments and how developers/construction companies try to prevent this by building barriers placed to protect the public but I wanted to see what goes on and capture the growth of urban regeneration and development. After plenty of photoshoots my work developed from looking at construction sites, to completed developments and modern buildings. Using close ups and angled shots to create abstract pieces of work making the audience question what they are viewing, and questioning what they were seeing which relates back to how we see development sites, and the benefits of urban regeneration and its use as an art form. Taking my photographs and experimenting with layouts and producing series, picking out images relating to ‘vision’, ‘construction’ & ‘reality’ helped in the process of finding my final outcomes for the exhibition. As well as having several images to be placed on show, to accompany the work a newspaper will feature more of my images as I feel more need to be seen to understand the project fully. Within my final major project what I would have done differently while working on the dissertation on the Piece Hall, that due to time constraints within the construction industry I realised that I needed to open communication far earlier with the team in charge to photograph the changes to the structure as well as the series of portraiture featuring the workers.


One thought on “Evaluation

  1. It’s good that you realise that to fulfil a project time frames and planning can be as important as the final pieces of work


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