Barnsley research & Photoshoot (24/02/16)

From a previous discussion with fellow students and tutor about my last Manchester shoot. While looking at the images with hoarding and fencing showing a place can be hidden, what’s happening behind it. They told me Barnsley could be a good place to visit as it’s under a major redevelopment project.

The council is to take over the development of the town of Barnsley after failing to attract private developers. The plans to redevelop Barnsley have been on hold for at least a decade. The council are taking over the £41 million project and give back both market traders and businesses some certainty about the future of the town. The proposals of the town include a new shopping boulevard, a revamped market hall, new town square- where concerts and fairs can be held, a state of the art library, new car park and cinema. They want the markets to be the heart of Barnsley as it’s a market town originally. They want independents there that make Barnsley unique. The council have said, ” We are not trying to be Meadowhall, Leeds or Sheffield, people will still go there, but sometimes they will come to Barnsley”.


Barnsley Photoshoot 24/02/16

On the 24/02/16 I visited Barnsley, as from what I’d heard seemed like a good place to visit as the process of demolition and redevelopment of the town was just beginning. On my visit, they had already moved stalls to different locations and the 6 story high council offices were in the process of being ripped down. The contact sheets are below.

From walking around Barnsley you can clearly see it’s a place for the elderly. There was hardly had children/young adults around. The place is extremely dated. I had spoken to a few people who live in Barnsley and were watching the ongoing demolition, one person had said,

“Well it’s a shame to see the majority of Barnsley get demolished as this is what I’ve grown up around but I believe the changes will be for the better and bring the town into the 21st century”

“ It’s about time! What they’re currently knocking down was the old council offices and it was such an eyesore to Barnsley, it was the same height as the car park (around 6 stories) but now its gone it’s so much lighter. The whole place (looking around) very dated and it hasn’t been changed for decades. The changes I hope will uplift the town and bring more people to it with the cinema, shops and state of the art library. It can only lead to positive things”






I have created the same experiments with my work as previously discussed in the last Manchester shoot and created a style of collage with the photographic work produced from this shoot. By doing this and turning my wall into a studio, it gives me the chance to view my work on a larger scale and can play around with the images, move, swap and change from other images. makes me look at what works well with one another and what doesn’t.