Halifax Photoshoot (12/11/15)

Taking a visit to Halifax, a historical town with a current ongoing transformation project which fits into my Final Major Project on looking at redevelopment projects in Urban Landscape areas.

On this shoot i decided to go in the afternoon on 12th November from Huddersfield. I came across problems from the start of my journey, first of all there was delays at the train station due to signalling problems between Huddersfield and Leeds no there wasn’t any trains coming in or going out. Signal came back on and train was due 14.50pm. The train had to be swapped several times and eventually left Huddersfield for Halifax around 15.10pm. By the time i get to Halifax its 15.35pm and this time of year it’s dark early and had 30-45 minutes of daylight left to photograph various buildings around Halifax as well as starting to look into the Piece Hall

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After the shoot my images can be seen as varied and that viewing its mixed as the photographer (me) still not sure where I’m heading with my work and how to take this further. I need to develop work which shows the viewers something other than just a building.